"Coincidentally" most KEY end time hoaxes are also best seller  hoaxes

Apr 5, 2009

North Korean ICBM launch exposes ABM Hoax - End Times Reductionism overflying Japan

North Korean intercontinental ballistic missile overflying Japan - self exposing theater
The bigger the LIE the easier it is to expose it, and the BIG LIE Technique only was allowed to reach the utter limits in Illuminati End Times.
Illuminati use the Pyongyang puppet gov to stage yet another episode in the fake war series "North Korea v USA".
In the process they self-expose their ABM Hoax. Not a problem though, because the audience was reduced to human cattle.

J.F. Kennedy and Reagan Times v the Last Antichrist Times, reduced by Moon landing and ABM
The difference between Star Wars during Reagan and ABM now is the same as between JFK really believing that landing on the Moon was possible and all the space hoaxes staged ever since the "space conquest" was reduced to a TOTAL HOAX.

ABM (aka Star Wars II) Hoax exposed, 1998-2005
The Anti Ballistic Missile Hoax, was exposed first more than 10 years ago, long BEFORE being renamed to ABM.
When the BIG LIE for the ABM Hoax was pushed to the utter limits, as "Defense" against "Iran" to be deployed in Eastern Europe, there was only one and the same exposing it.

Delivering evidence - North Korea 2009 repeats Saddam Hussein 1991
"North Korean ICBM overflying Akita Prefecture, Japan" yet... "Both FNC and CNN asleep at the wheel.". (1)
2009, April 5: North Korea, one of the countries where large segments of the population have already been surviving close to the starvation level, provides the evidence to expose the ABM Hoax.
Like Saddam Hussein hitting Israel with Scud rockets, costing each a few thousand dollars, despite deployment of the last REAL anti-missile defense system, the "Patriot" rockets, during the first Gulf War.

Evidence reaching the audience - North Korea to slaugherhouse 2009 v Saddam Hussein to global village 1991 v Radio Free Europe to Iron Curtain in the 1960s
There were still TV broadcasts from Israel in 1991, after hits by Iraq's Scud missiles.
There was hardly anyone besides poster VlPu replying to why "Both FNC and CNN asleep at the wheel." (2)

AmericanInTokyo, one of the posters reporting from Japan, replies to VlPu:
"The US media is NOT telling the American People the truth and what they need to know. We are getting the truth here in East Asia, from media outlets and governments. What gives?
It almost feels like Radio Free Europe in the 1960s here on Freerepublic.com, broadcasting over the Berlin Wall into East Germany, the way Tiger, mkj, JJ, I and others have to post from here (or elsewhere) to bring folks up to speed as to what is really happening...

Explicit message (Radio broadcasts) into the iron curtain in the 1960ies compared to the implicit messages (TV broadcasts) in 1991 compared to the last messages (posts at freerepublic) into the slaugherhouse today.
A comparison ruled by one of the Fundamental Laws of End Times Reductionism: the exponential curve for the reduction of any TRUTH (explicit or implicit) in any broadcasted form (radio, TV, internet).
A Law that also states that, for those who accepted the Mark of the Beast, level 0 is reached before the End of Armageddon.

In 1998 Christiane Amanpour was assigned the role of broadcasting the hoax ("genocide of Albanians at the hands of Serbs") used to launch the antichrist's first "humanitarian war", the begin of Armageddon.
Very close to the end of Armageddon, the same actress, still plays the role of journalist to pass the message to cover-up the simple fact that the ABM hoax has just been formally exposed.
Nothing escapes the Laws of End Times Reductionism.

(1) http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/news/2222555/posts
(2) reply #8 in previous link.
Click "view replies" below that post to see who tried to explain the reason why.

Last Prophet exposed the ABM hoax at the time of first NATO ultimatum to Serbia (October 1998), the begin of the battle of Armageddon.
Reductionism by Google: first results are legit, all written by one and the same

BIG LIE reaching the limits:

End Times Reductionism as KEY

Space Conquest - The ultimate example of Reductionism by Google: only one door as of today, yet opening it is a KEY to open all the other doors

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