"Coincidentally" most KEY end time hoaxes are also best seller  hoaxes

Mar 30, 2011

Nuclear weapons capabability of wiping out the enemy is a HOAX - UNDENIABLE EVIDENCE

Nuclear weapons capabability of wiping out the enemy is a HOAX - UNDENIABLE EVIDENCE

Nuclear weapons explosive power - HOAX
Nuclear weapons supposedly wipe out anything in a mile radius from the epicenter.
Nuclear weapons have less destrutive power than conventional mega bombs., which is how Hiroshima and Magasaku were really bombed.

Atomic bomb's explosive power is a hoax
Nuclear war doesn't mean instantaneously levelling the targeted country.
1. Hiroshiman and Nagasaki; real documents reveal that classic mega bombs was what was really used.
- release of doctored photos to suggest total destructio
- omission of expected footage, starting with aerial overview, to cover-up the hoax. 

2. Illuminati didn't launch a nuclear strike against the - Soviet Union after World War II:
Had the atomic bomb's capacity to destroy the enemy not beem a hoax then this is what should have been logically expected, in order to prevent Stalin from also getting nukes.

Years later, the ultimate atomic bomb BIG LIE starts
The Soviet Union, created by illuminati agent Lenin, in reality an ethnic german, would fall again under their control shortly after Stalin's death.
That's when the nuclear weapons hoax was extended from "if you have it then you have it all" to "nuclear deterrence / mutual assured destruction".
This was one of core hoaxes used to brainwash the global audience ever since.

Nuclear war is basically spreading radiation globally
Yet there is one decisive consequence of its massive use: SLOWLY burning humans around the globe with radiation.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuked 1945 hoax - for dummies
Why did the Illuminati bomb Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
To stop Stalin, who had just declared war on Japan, what would lead to a communist Japan within weeks, same as what happened im East Europe after the arrival of the Red Army.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki were destroyed with conventional mega bombs not with atomic bombs.
Graphic evidence:
- Buildings standing near Hiroshima's ground zero.
- faked photos
- no aerial footage documenting the level of destuction.

The bigger the lie, the more people will believe it.
Tsar Bomba - Largest Nuclear Device Ever Tested (50MT)
00:25 to 00:50 - Footage is faked, exposed immediately by inconsistencies of what is supposedly filmed with different cameras.
End Times Reductionism: Hoax "all the explosives used in World War II multiplied by 10" is exposed by ONE line alone (2:39):
"Because the bomb was detonated two miles above the ground, there was very little radioactiv fallout".

Hiroshima after the atomic bomb - Photos
May 2016 - article related to the mockery "Obama first US president to visit Hiroshima"
Cover photo says it all: graphic manipulation, psy-op suggest "the total destruction of the city of Hiroshima,
Same goes with Photos 10, 12, 15, 27.
For reality see the dome' support in cover photo or structure in photo 18, less than 1 km from the epicenter-

Jan 2017 - Timed for "Trump bans entry to citizens from 7 muslim majority countries", same as Dow 20,000 first time ever:
'Doomsday Clock' Announcement to Reveal How Close Scientists Think We Are to the Apocalypse:
"Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists" - same as any org in illuminati media: ACTORS reading lines from a script.
Photo's coreography at the end of the show, "all extremely old wise men" = extreme MOCKERY of human cattle fed with the same hoaxes until the very end of the show.
Reminder of Last Prophet's words, "coincidentally" just after the act "Dow 15,000 first time ever"
Destructive power of nuclear weapons and space travel: what they share goes beyond best seller hoaxes.