"Coincidentally" most KEY end time hoaxes are also best seller  hoaxes

Oct 3, 2013

Israel v Hamas and Hezbollah: fake wars

After four real wars from 1948 to 1973, Illuminazi take conrol of Israel gov with the 1975 coup.
Israel fake wars: four reduced to two grotesque milestones
The uprising of freedom loving syrians against illuminati puppet Assad reduced three (Hezbollah, Syria and Iran) out of four into one grotesque milestone for fake wars.
Same goes with the fake war against Hamas.

Israel attacks Hamas HOAX - from Gaza strip sealed hoax to fake bombings targeting Hamas
To stage it as realistic as possible, a few buildings in Gaza are destroyed.
Traitors and fake jews in Israel government, starting with imposter impersonating Sharon from 1976 until his death in 2006.

Jan 2013: Holocaust negationist MorCIA alias President MORSI: paraded in Germany

Peres, Netanyahu & Co: Treasonous illuminati agents of Israel government 
The role of the traitors of the Israel gov was in fact to allow:
- Lebanon's Hezbollah terrorists to bomb Israel;
- Syria's Assad to get a huge arsenal of chemical weapon;
- Iran's gov nuclear weapons program, scheduled to become official after "hardliner" Ahmadinejad repackaged as "moderate" Rouhani.
Netanyahu's role of [fake] protector of Israel against the illuminati puppets of Syria, Lebanon and Iran is totally exposed by the Syrian freedom fighters, with illuminati agent Assad forced to:
- use Hezbollah and Iranian butchers against the syrian population;
- launch a series of chemical attacks upscaled August 21 2013 to the deadliest chemical attack in History against civilians;
- confess not only the possession of chemical weapons but also of weapons "that can blind Israel in seconds".
Netanyahu's [fake** war against Hamas rockets in Southern Israel, a copy of the fake war against Hezbollah in northern Israel.

Netanyahu is one of countless fake jews created by the illuminati:

27 September 2013: Netanyahu & Co: Optimism and Silence about ... the destruction of Israel:
Questions that neither illuminati media nor treasonous Israeli gov pose: who gave Assad chemical weapons meant to be used on Jews?

Nothing but simulated reality: Gaza bombed other than for the camera is a HOAX.
The REAL Truman Show: 1.8 million on World's largest stage; audience not aware that it's a REALITY SHOW