"Coincidentally" most KEY end time hoaxes are also best seller  hoaxes

Feb 16, 2013

Asteroid, Meteor crash over Siberia HOAX: Tunguska 1908 to Chelyabinsk 2013: Evolution of End Times Deception

Learn about fake Putin's deeds or to what lengths illuminazi agents executing the Ordo's Grand Master's orders go:

Asteroid, Meteor crash over Siberia HOAX - from Tunguska 1908 to Chelyabinsk 2013: Evolution of End Times Deception
1921, as ethnic german agent using the identity Lenin acts as President of the Soviet Union: first "scientist" reaches the scene of the "Tunguska asteroid crash" for the first time, 13 years later.
A century later, as an illuminati agent impersonating murdered Putin acts as president of the Russian Federation, the illuminati stage a parallel script.
But this time the main agenda is not selling the evolution theory hoax.
The Chelyabinsk meteor hoax is primarly mocking the russian human cattle about to be slaughtered in the final act of the script "Destruction of Russia".

Meteor hits Chelyabinsk, heart of Russia's weapons industry: exposed by Last Prophet and echoed by nobody ever since
An act of illuminati theater staged by fake Putin, executing orders of his boss, the Illuminati Grand Master Alexander Adolf Hitler.
Goal: mock russian human cattle suggesting that Russia is being punished by God.
As usually referencing the Bible.

Keep in mind:
- For a traitor, who additionally is a brainwashed member of a sect (the illuminati) teaching that "normal" russians must be exterminated, 1500 injured russians is a motive of joy.

Feb 2013, Terrorizing russians, celebrating the coming destruction of Russia using the ultimate weapon of the satanic arsenal, deception, in this case as traitors:

In the words of a NSA psy-op "explaining" it:
The name of the city where the meteor fell, Cheliabinsk, is a take-off of the Bashkir word, "Chelyaba" which means "pit".
As in Rev 9, a star falls from heaven with the key to the bottomless pit.
God is telling us that Russis is a nation that is not spiritually inclined enough to avoid being nailed by a filesonic, imagebam, cloud file, meteor blast.
The meteor hit the heart of Russia's weapons industry, a nuclear research zone, and Russia has been accused of providing unwise nuclear assistance and proliferation to uncooperative, undeveloped nations. 

Illuminati jokes, parallel scripts
With an estimated initial mass of about 12,000–13,000 metric tonnes, heavier than the Eiffel Tower), ... 
it is the largest known natural object to have entered Earth's atmosphere since the 1908 Tunguska event that destroyed a wide, remote, forested area of Siberia. 
The Chelyabinsk meteor is also the only meteor confirmed to have resulted in a large number of injuries.

2014, Jul 12 - Talk of Chelyabinsk:
First ever mid-summer snowfall in the South Urals.
In some areas of the Chelyabinsk region, snow lay 5-10 cm thick

Not only the Tugunska hoax but also all meteor and asteroid hoaxes exposed by Last Prophet since 2001 in dozens of posts.
"Coincidentally" also in this reply from 02/15/2013 12:30 AM, hours before the illuminati staged the Chelyabinsk hoax:

All you need to get the Chelyabinsk "meteor" illuminati joke:
Murdered Putin's impersonator openly telling he's a traitor:

Survived in webarchive only because this proxy could still be used to access this forum managed by the illuminati web of disinfo before it was censored: