"Coincidentally" most KEY end time hoaxes are also best seller  hoaxes

Jun 14, 2007

Hoaxes of End Times: Four BASIC Cases - (2 * Illuminati) + (2 * Matt Marriott)

Illuminati and Hoaxes of End Times
There are basically two types of illuminati end times hoaxes (1), depending on wether they were "exposed" by the Illuminati themselves or not.
In this case they will reveal details about it, either because they decided to put an end to that hoax or for the purpose of terrorizing the sheep.

Matt Marriott and Hoaxes of End Times
There are basically two types of illuminati end times hoaxes related to Matt Marriott (2), depending on wether he was the first to expose them completely or not, from 1998 to 2007.

Consequently the category "exposed first by Matt Marriott" contains two subcategories: echoed by someone else or not.
As one would expect from the Laws of End Times Reductonism (3), they belong almost all in the "echoed by nobody else" subcategory (4).

Other People and Hoaxes of End Times
For the sake of simplicity let's for the moment ignore this case, which covers two more categories.
To be covered in a seperate article.

The Four Basic Types of Illuminati End Times Hoaxes, illustrated with examples
1. "Exposed" by the Illuminati themselves, the translation being done first by Matt Marriott.
Let's start with this type, since the latest case, now ongoing, belongs to this category.
Matt Marriott translated and exposed it worldwide first June 12, 2007, as the illuminati begun releasing the final scenes.
The ISS/Space Shuttle, "exposed" by the Illuminati: now is the time to put an end to it. (5)
Another case of this category is the Pentagon, on 9/11, also "exposed" by the illuminati on day 1, i.e. 11 September 2001.
It was translated first by Matt Marriott two days later as intentionally staged to terrorize the sheep (6).

2. 3. 4.- Examples for these categories coming soon, may God will.

(1) Hoaxes of End Time or End Times Hoaxes: exposed during the Tribulation, which begun 1998.

(2) Matt Marriott also correctly predicted the key events of End Times. That's why he also uses the name of End Times Prophet.
Matt Marriott revealed also first the key facts about total evil in Armageddon, aka the last anti-christ. That's why he also uses the name of Truth666.
http://who-are-the-illuminati.blogspot.com/ and http://last-antichrist.blogspot.com/

(3) NOTHING escapes the Laws of End Times Reductionism, which were formulated first by Matt Marriott

(4) in 2007 echoed first time by someone else (poster Kyoon).

(5) *** ATTENTION *** NASA is putting an End to the BIG HOAX ISS - Shit-ttle, aka Space Shuttle, June 12 2007

(6) HISTORIC - timestamped (not faked) 09/16/2001 3 AM - first article worldwide exposing the Pentagon AND the WTC bombings

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