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Jun 11, 2007

Murder of Princess Diana vs. the 9/11 plot - terror agenda and what was truly genious

What are the details that the conspirators did not reveal, besides the second plane inserted by CNN with real time CGI software?

June 2007

Why did the illuminati reveal the details about the murder of Princess Diana

The picture of the puzzle of the death of Diana was exposed long ago by Matt Marriott. In the last years, the murderers of Diana gradually revealed the details about how did they murder the Princess of Wales.

The June 2007 TV premiere at UK Channel 4 of "Diana: The Witnesses In The Tunnel"  marks the end of the revelations about Diana, the last details  about how good the plot worked.

Like in the case of 9/11, the primary reason why the conspirators kept disclosing the truth to the masses was to terrorize them. Another reason: the illuminati religion requires that during the last act, which we have been living since 1988, the sheep, despite being aware that they are going to be slaughtered, will fail to react. Required as the ultimate proof of total dominance over the "human cattle".

How was it possible? Acceptance of the mark was the pre-condition for revealing the last details

The immediate reason why it was possible to reach these utter limits: in the last years the illuminati lead the masses into accepting the mark of the beast.
This was sealed, in 2004, as almost all the populace in the US and EU accepted to carry the mark of the beast in their forehead or in their right hand. So the illuminati know their sheep will not react, until they will be slaughtered.
The illuminati know that their sheep will not react, no matter how clearly they will tell them what really happened, as long as it will be packaged with the official version, i.e. as long as it will end with "nothing to see here, folks", i.e. "there was no conspiracy". The total contradiction between the facts and the conclusion presented, the foundation of the mind control technique of cognitive dissonance. (a)

The "evil photographers" vs. "Bin Laden" and the suicide terrorists - the perfect scapegoat served by illuminati media in the first minutes

CNN & Co. "Seriously" setting the stage for the murder and for the blame-the-photographer script, while allowing to see that the car's rear right was only slightly damaged.

Four years after Diana was murdered, the 9/11 plot had the "suicide muslim terrorists" and the "Bin Laden" CIA creation that had been previously planted on a daily basis in the news as the perfect scapegoat, to be served immediately after the event.
In the Lady Di murder script, the  "evil photographers" played the same role. That was the  truly genious detail in the plot. No wonder that in the beginning, Mohamed Al Fayed also swallowed the hoax.

In  the documentary "Diana: The Witnesses In The Tunnel"  the conspirators reveal more details about how arresting and accusing the photographers was planned to divert from the real murderers and to advance the terror and censorship agendas required by the transition to the terror state.

This is done by letting the seven french paparazzi, who were trapped by the police in the tunnel, finally report in detail how they were arrested, despite all the witnesses, including a large group of students, testifying that they arrived at the scene only minutes later.
 "In the immediate aftermath of Diana’s death, a spokesman for the French Interior Ministry insinuated that six French photographers and a photographer’s driver following her car were the cause of the crash. In the documentary, the photographers described how the French police carted them off on the night as if they were automatic suspects just for being there. These events weren’t the only cause of the post-Diana culture of blame-the-photographer, but they helped feed a hysterical reaction." (1)

Minutes after BBC & Co. interrupted their normal boadcasting to report the "accident", even before the death of Diana was announced, they were already insinuating that the papparazi were to blame. Just like at 9/11: while people were jumping off the WTC towers, CNN & Co. were already repeating the Bin Laden formula.

The terror agenda

The stage was perfectly set to have the masses accepting  falsely accused photographers, detained and terrorized by the police for weeks, being given no chances to defend themselves in the media, which portrayed them as guilty beyond any doubts, all of this despite NO evidence. Better said, despite ALL the evidence that they were innocent.

In the film "Diana: The Witnesses In The Tunnel"  the conspirators reveal more details about the link between falsely accusing the photographers and advancing the terror and censorship agendas required by the transition to the terror state.
 "Shockingly, the French photographers were strip-searched, forced to stand naked in front of all the police and held for two days in cells which were impossible to lie down and sleep in. They faced five years in prison for manslaughter and non-assistance to persons in danger. The French authorities seized 20 rolls of film (which could have helped prove their innocence right at the start) and have never returned them." (1)

No photos and the "we are in total control" message

Lady Di was murdered AFTER being assisted by Dr. Maillez.

In the 9/11 operation, the footage of the conventional demolition of WTC7 (the same for the footage of the Pentagon) is the only piece of evidence required to prove immediately the conspiracy, just like the photos of a slightly injured princess is the only piece of evidence required to prove immediately that she was murdered AFTER the crash.

Some photographers managed to escape out of the tunnel before the rest of the photographers were arrested and all material apprehended. The documentary gives the message that "we are in total control", by showing how it was possible to prevent until now any Diana photos after the accident, which these photographers possessed, to be  published in the mass media.
"A news blackout was imposed on the night and the managers of photo agencies were told that they faced three years in prison and a £30,000 fine if they sold any photos of the event. The finger of blame was pointed firmly at the messenger, at those who recorded the event or who were simply present at it." (1)

Part II and references: "The story of the photos of Diana after the crash, from 1997 to 2007"

Note about the Illuminati End Times puzzle and the End Times Prophet (Note from September 2006)

The murder of Princess Diana, the  refusal of Prince William to accept the mark of the beast, two pieces in the Illuminati End Times Puzzle, together in the web ever since 1999 resp. 2001. Yet echoed after by nobody else, now resp. 9 and 6 years later.

The same with many other illuminati scripts which were completely revealed first also by End Times Prophet, from the 9/11 2001 script,  in 2004 to Clinton-Lewinsky 1998 or the OKC bombings 1995, both totally revealed first in 1999; Glory of the Olive or Natzinger, the last chapter in the script of the destruction of the catholic church and the destruction of  Israel, totally revealed as it begun, April 2005.
Again the same with  the illuminati "science" hoaxes, from plate tectonics to stellar parallax.

Again the same with the illuminati hoaxes staged on a regular basis, from the NASA hoaxes like the  ISS/Space Shuttle to SOHO to the state lottery drawings, which were completely revealed first also by End Times Prophet in 2004 to 2007.

All the way to the ultimate script, the begin of World War III, October 1998 to March 1999...  revealed the very same days it was unfolding.
And this fact is yet again another piece in the Illuminati End Times puzzle.

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